Defining Bay Window Seat Cantilever

Amusing Bay Window Seat

A cantilever construction, when a horizontal beam is extending more than a foundation wall. The beam is only attached at one end. The beam is stabilized by the weight of the wall. The freely extending portion called the cantilever. A bay window seat is a window of three sides extending further beyond the outer wall of a house or building. The central window is parallel to the wall and windows can be cloistered or backrest angle, depending on the style of the bay. The bay windows come in many styles, the window style is known as a window picture today is simply a box-shaped version… Continue Reading

Fireplace Candle Holder

beautiful Fireplace Candle Holder ideas

Lamps fireplace candle holder ease of a lamp combined with the traditional atmosphere of a candle. The candle is placed on top of a stand which forms the base of the lamp. A fireplace or shade protects the flame of a candle. Hurricane lamps are a very common form of lamp fireplace candle holder. Others have bases that take the form of figures or buildings. Old lamp fireplace candle holder preserves traditional craftsmanship and artistic ideals. Price Range An ornate Tiffany example features a fireplace febrile iridescent glass on top of the legs of very high winding metal. Tiffany Febrile produced fireplace candle holder crystal… Continue Reading

Modern Fireplaces Ideas

nice Modern Fireplaces Ideas

Modern fireplaces ideas – Hay guys, how are you? This time we will discuss about the modern fireplaces. The fireplace is an architecture that is designed to light a fire. usually, Fireplace used for practical purposes heating, cooking, and other purposes. The fireplace has a great advantage when the rainy season or winter as heating. But, with the passage of time the fireplace is rarely used as a heating because there is already an electronic temperature control. Currently, the fireplace is used as decoration decorations to enhance the appearance of a room because it is the fireplace has a very interesting architectural forms. With more… Continue Reading

Trends Stacked Stone Fireplace

build stacked stone fireplace

A stacked stone fireplace with built-in cabinets combines style and functionality. This design can use natural or painted wood. The face of stacked stone complements a wraparound wooden fireplace. The envelope of wood can be custom designed to suit your personal taste. The in-built cabinets can also be custom designed. A design idea built cabinets is to place shelves above the fireplace and include storage space underneath, with a removable swivel TV and multimedia support. Another idea is to show photo books and wardrobes wooden shelves above or on the sides of the chimney. Stacked stone fireplace ads curb appeal to an otherwise drab entrance.… Continue Reading

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace makeover ideas tile

If you want to give your brick fireplace makeover, consider painting it. If the brick is old, just want to arrange the room, paint is a quick way to fix the problem. Properly prepare the use of brick and paint application correctly helps to ensure that the final product looks good and the paint adheres to the surface. Scrape any loose. Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of warm water. Add about 1 tablespoon, dishwashing soap and mix well. Wipe the chimney thoroughly with a stiff brush and hot soapy water. Tape from all areas surrounding the brick with masking tape. Pour oil based primer… Continue Reading

Fireplace Surrounds Design

Italian Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplace surrounds – If you have recently moved into a new house, you will surely have some redecorating to do. Besides painting and repair usual, you have to choose the decoration for your home. If you have a fireplace, then you have to think about how to make elegant and stylish. Fireplaces are made from more than one party. It is a combination of elements that work together and make a single block. Most importantly, fireplace surrounds is the way it looks. Two main parts of the fireplace is the fireplace and around. The envelope is actually a component of the mantelpiece, the edge of… Continue Reading

Corner Gas Freplace Ideas

Small corner gas fireplace

A fireplace is a warm and welcoming addition to any living space. The cozy corner may be decorated in an corner gas fireplace appealing way to make the fireplace the focal point of the room. The corners of the chimneys often have a shelf of limited space and two opposite walls that need to be decorated in a complementary manner. To update a corner of a fireplace, painting, tile a mantel, works of art for wall and accessories can be used to create a contemporary design. Add tiles around the corner gas fireplace Select small tiles of 1 inch (2.54 cm) grey, Brown or beige… Continue Reading

Curtains & Blinds for Entry Doors with Sidelights

Awasome Entry Doors with Sidelights

Entry doors with sidelights – Adding curtains over the sidelight doors bordering on some doors can add style and privacy to the lobby. These curtains Installation is made easier by the creation of various types of small rods. Some attach with magnets, even unnecessary holes in the metal door frames. The curtains soften the door and finish the foyer decor. Another common treatment for entry doors with sidelights. A glazing yield using field and areas of lace. The network works similar to a pure by allowing light to pass while the lace detail and offers privacy. A lace curtain has a pattern and the pattern… Continue Reading

Benefit of Modern Window Treatments

Awesome Modern Window Treatments

Modern window treatments provide beauty and comfort to your home. Light blocking window treatments used to come in colors and patterns that were generally unattractive limited, but today you will find more options to improve the appearance of your home. Window treatments light-blocking effectively keep the heat in winter and keep the heat during the summer. Its ability to block excess light helps improve indoor environment, especially during the hottest days. In addition, the modern window treatments to block light help in blocking the harmful effects of glare on carpets, furniture and other decorative items in the house. More importantly, treatments that block the light from the window and… Continue Reading

Faux Stained Leaded Glass Windows

Best Leaded Glass Windows

For this technique, you need glass, pattern, cellophane tape, liquid lead and glass paint. Purchase these items at a low cost in a crafts store. Choose a simple pattern for your first experiment by imitation leaded glass windows in your home and practice using these new materials. Place your pattern on a flat work surface. Carefully wash your glass pieces and holding them by the edges, put them on your employer. Use cellophane tape to set the pattern on the bottom of the glass will not move. Now your pieces of glass should be on your employer and you should be able to see through… Continue Reading